The Neti pot was a life changer for me, I use to cough all the time do to post nasal drip, after using the Neti pot twice a day for a few weeks, the cough completely went away, anytime I feel it coming on again, I use the Neti pot to keep it at bay, have not used any allergy drugs for over a year, for anybody out… » 4/15/08 9:29pm 4/15/08 9:29pm

I use Video Essentials, but technically a calibration disc only calibrates that particular DVD input, you have to eyeball the rest of your inputs based off the DVD calibration settings. A good tip if you own a DVR: Record a movie that you also have on DVD. Calibrate your DVD input and copy the settings to your HD… » 4/14/08 8:45pm 4/14/08 8:45pm

I downloaded it not long after it came out, but found it very, very annoying. Firefox was already loading slow, and so I grew to love Opera, which could already get rid of all the browsing clutter, but I gave Prism a chance to see if it would serve any other browsing purpose. NOT AT ALL. » 4/12/08 11:44am 4/12/08 11:44am

I've been using these to manage my cable clutter for a few years now. I find the best ones are sold at home depot and the like. They are black or white and I can cut them to my needs. All my cables being black I can cut a small strip of black velcro and all my cable stay neatly together. You can hardly notice the… » 4/11/08 5:25pm 4/11/08 5:25pm

Yeah, I would like to know how this would work, although it seems that it would try to get as low into the operating system as possible (that is what the install is about, tying it in to the lowest functionality) so that most every keyboard traffic goes striaght to it, then it passes it directly to the application. I… » 4/11/08 12:34pm 4/11/08 12:34pm

can you make it so you can do something like what protector one does and drag and drop program icons onto the bat file, but have it save it? so if i drop the firefox icon onto it, it will save firefox as a program i want to be killed by the script? » 4/07/08 10:32pm 4/07/08 10:32pm